Wednesday, January 28, 2015

They're back!

I watch my son Jordan's church services online. Tonight they had the whole team that had gone to Uganda talk about their experience. They showed a brief video taken at the orphanage that the church has there and there was my son, walking along with all these little kids hanging all over him. :)

Glad he's back safely and that he had the opportunity to have such a life changing experience.

Shalom! :)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Saving Mr. Banks...

I've wanted to watch this movie for the longest time, but was too cheap to rent it through Amazon or go see it at the theater. Imagine my joy when I found it at the local gas station for 99 cents! :)
I enjoyed it so much, and found myself sobbing along with Emma Thompson in various parts. If you haven't seen it, I hope you will!
I babysat Audrey and Hazel for about 6 hours this morning/afternoon. (Mother Micah had a baby doctor appointment. She's hanging in there!) Grandma was getting quite tired after supervising water play in the kitchen sink (for about an hour!) and painting, with acrylics (what was I thinking?). But they are so much fun and come up with the darnedest things to say! We did resort to the TV after a few hours. Sorry...sue me! :) I noticed a couple of knitted potholders in my daughter's house. Sounds like a good next knitting project!

I made a homemade birthday card for Starry when I got home. It's ready to post tomorrow.

And that's why (referring to the babysitting) I felt the need to sit and watch a good movie. Glad I did. ;)

Tomorrow's an early shift for me, so I'll sign off for now. Shalom, my friends, and stay warm!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Finished my swap cards; now off to bed!

I just wanted to "record" my fourth card for the Hand Drawn/Hand Painted Landscapes swap.
Here's a cute photo of little granddaughter, Starry. She'll turn 3 in a few days. :)

Now I'm off to bed. Early babysitting in the morning. Micah goes for her biweekly baby checkup.

Y'all have a great day and shalom! :)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Knitting and painting...

Lots of excitement with Micah frequently visiting the doctor to check on things with baby Adele. She's hanging in there, but this Mama's getting a little worn out, I think!  I did a lot of vegetating today, and it didn't make me feel any perkier. I think I need to get up and move more.

So, the big tuh-dah moment from my last post fizzled a bit. I messed up on that knitting project and decided to just start over and do some simple knitting...minus purling. I've gotta get the hang of that before trying to do both. So, I'm making the classic beginner's scarf from the "oatmeal" yarn I showed before, and this little number will be an ear warmer, I'm thinking. (It's not as wide as it looks here.)

I'm still hoping to finish my latest ATC art for the Landscape swap. Here's #3. I used a photo from Paint My Photo, which is a great source for copyright free photos.
I'm feeling a bit blue. I think it has to do with an article that Micah posted earlier today on Facebook about a little girl who died after a car crash. Micah is a certified child car seat safety tech (that's probably not the official title) and she has a passion for raising awareness. But it can be a sad business. It lifted my spirits a bit to work on this piece of art. I think that's one reason that art is so important. It reminds us of the beauty that remains in this broken world. At least, that's the kind of art I like to do.

Time to get ready for bed. Back to work tomorrow.

 Blessings on all of you dear readers and much shalom in your households! :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This is my knitting project so far. I say "project" because I'm not sure what it will become. Any suggestions?

It took me about 35 minutes to get to this point. I think I would enjoy doing this even if it never became anything particular. It's difficult to keep my racing brain "on task", but maybe that's a good reason to do it. Brain training!

I can see why you knitter/crocheters always mention having so many projects stacking up. I'm already looking forward to the next one! The video below shows something I'm interested in trying. The young lady is rather self-conscious in her presentation, but I give her brownie points for sharing her passion for knitting. (She gives a little tutorial on how to do the basic knit stitch before she shows how to make the cool scarf, or whatever it is.)

It's late, so I'll say goodnight for now and shalom to all. :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

Team Uganda

I just wanted to post this photo of my son Jordan and Team Uganda, so Grandpa down in Texas can see him. Jordan is in the center, back row with the bald head, beard and black rimmed glasses. This photo was taken two days ago. They are an excited bunch!
 I've been watching LOTS of knitting videos this afternoon. I got home at about 3:30, feeling very tired and wondering if maybe I have a bug. Glad I got my flu shot, so maybe that will keep anything from taking a strong hold. But a good excuse to just sit and learn. I think I'm going to try a little k2, p2 on my scarf. I'm making it a little less wide than the sample I showed yesterday. I'll let you know how things develop!

Oh, and is this cute or what? It's a coffee table bunkbed! :) They must be watching TV?
Nathan and Starry

Now for some tea and rest. Prayers appreciated for the intrepid travelers above! :) Shalom!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Knitting, painting and visiting...

Yes, I said knitting! I finally decided to throw caution and perfectionism to the winds and just START to learn. I've been watching this series of videos...

and this gal makes it fairly easy to figure out. Here's what I've done so far.

I will probably unravel this bit and start something a little narrower. In the videos she just does small swatches to teach, but I want to MAKE SOMETHING. :) Impatient me. I think I'll just do a scarf, but I'm going to be very bold and try alternating knitting and purling. I'm enjoying this very much!

I've also done a little drawing and painting. I finished my second ATC for the Landscape swap.
I took my new/old washer for a test run and it seems to work fine. I'm still trying to flush out some dirt that has accumulated in the works from sitting idle. But it actually seems to work pretty well.

I visited at daughter Micah's house for a couple of hours and enjoyed watching Audrey and Hazel. They say and do so many outrageous things. It's good for the soul to be around little ones!

It's time to wind down and get ready for bed. Early morning tomorrow. I do have Thursday and Friday off, so it's like a weekend before my working weekend. We're getting some time shaved off our schedules because it's our slow time of year. I'll take it. It's the closest thing to a vacation I get! :)

I hope you're all getting some warmer weather as we are. Shalom and blessings on all of you!